For the development of students, our principal decided to introduce rovers and Rangers in the college. Mrs. Indra Agrawal and Dr, Neetu Goswami were nominated as in-charge of Rovers and Rangers groups. The college applied to ‘U.P. Bharat Scout and Guide’ office, Lucknow and got recognition on 23rd March, 2015 for two groups, namely Laxmi Bai Rangers Team and Indira Gandhi Rangers Team. Before this, a three day training camp was organized in the college premises in which about 58 students of all classes participated. Mr. Pramod Kumar and Mrs Sarika Bhatia trained the girls in various group activities such as firing, tenting, knot making, cooking, etc. They also instructed them how to survive in perilous situations.

In the current session, Rovers and Rangers Group celebrated Old Age Day on 30thSeptember, 2015 with old people of the society. For this, they went to an ‘Old Age Home’ near Tarash Mandir, Vrindaban and distributed eatables and things of daily needs. Our students sang and danced to entertain old mothers. They gave them a family feeling.